About HD SereneScapes

Yosemite ValleyAs moving artwork for video displays, HDSereneScapes™ are intended to support a calming and peaceful state of mind in our ever present pursuit of happiness.

Captured in the highest possible HD video format, Wayne Williams has created the virtual equivalent of a relaxing, calming walk in the woods or down the coast.

HDSereneScapes™ videos are ideal for filling that dark hole you have on your wall, your large HDTV that often sits there as a wasted black frame. Even while you have guests over, think of HDSereneScapes™ videos as the artwork to fill the frame of your HDTV.

Whether used in offices, homes, hospitals or even for enjoying as a source of meditation and relaxation, HDSereneScapes™ are a wonderful way to fill more than one void in your life and connect you again with the beautiful world of wonder we so rarely get to enjoy…the world of nature.

Download multiple HDSereneScapes™ and play them through your networked HDTV from your Mac or PC using devices like AppleTV™, GoogleTV™ and other Television networkable devices right from your computer. Play them one at a time, or put a number of them together and have them loop as long as you want. Don’t worry, we’ll keep making more of them.

Because of the high quality, resolution and size of these videos (as much as 2-5 gigabytes), and depending upon the speed of your internet connection, we recommend you download them overnight.

Do not click on the downloaded (Quicktime)™ icon until you see this icon change to an image from the video. If you click the link before the video is fully downloaded, it will not play and will produce an error message… yup, that means you just gotta be patient.

We hope these works of art bring you as much joy as we had in creating them.

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