On Location in “Beautiful Kaua’i”

Kaua'i on locationIt’s been a good week in Kaua’í for shooting HDSereneScapes segments for our next film, “Beautiful Kaua’i.”  I’d been nervous about the weather and worried I could get the project completed after two previous visits earlier this year.  Those trips were met with unusually poor weather for the months of May and June.

Marsha and I come to Kaua’i each year for at least two weeks of vacation time.  (I asked this lovely woman to marry me here 28 years ago, fortunately she said yes, so it’s sort of our place.) Usually in May, it is always sunny, trade winds, some scattered showers and the occasional day or two of rain.  Although the center of the island (Mount Wai‘ale‘ale) is known as being one of the wettest place on earth (over 400 inches a year), I am usually able to shoot dramatic images if I just wait a few minutes for the weather to clear.  Well, this year was not to shoot stills, it was to shoot High Definition Video…and the weather was not usual.

Our planet is experiencing significant climatic changes as we have all experienced, and Kaua’i is no exception.  During my two previous visits, it was often cloudy with flat air and little sunlight.  There were a few exceptions, but I was not able to get all the shots I really wanted for the film which made it both frustrating and financially costly.  Hey, who’s going to complain about having to go back to paradise more than once in a lifetime, let alone 4 times in 12 months (Yup, we also were invited to be here for Erica and Brian Viloria’s wedding, what a treat to see two really sweet people get hitched).

Anyway, a few days before we were to fly to Kaua’i this trip (which we had planned to be just a rare relaxing birthday week for me) I checked the weather reports to see what was expected.  They said, 80-100% chance of rain every day!  Ok, so it’s December, and it should get more rain, but I really wanted to finish “Beautiful Kaua’i” and start editing it for release in early 2012.  I was already four months late for my own personal schedule just to have all five films done by October.  The other HDSereneScapes films: Santa Ynez Valley California, Big Sur Coast California, Redwood Coast California and Fall Colors Colorado were all finally posted on our site and my goal at the beginning of the year when I first conceived HDSereneScapes films was to have the five films done to submit to iTunes before the holidays. 

Well, like the weather, the best laid plans were not to be.  First the unusual weather in Kaua’i in May and June, then the delayed freeze in Colorado setting back our shoot there for the fall colors (Global Warming again) making it so the goal would be reached later than desired.  Add to that, we’re still waiting for a green light from Apple’s iTunes to post up the first 3 videos as a single download set.  Dealing with Apple  and their affiliates can seem as unpredictable as the weather.  We should hear back shortly and will let you know…considering this is a new category for iTunes, that being Ambient video. (Of course in the mean time, you can grab and own them now from our site.)

Now for the good news!  The weather this week was wonderful. The storms expected stayed away. Yes, we got rained on, but the skies cleared so we managed to get more than 15 additional scenes that will fill out the film and give you a real connection to this lush and beautiful Garden Isle we love so much.

Yesterday, we climbed a very rocky wet climb to shoot the sun going down on the Napali coast. I carried my 45 pounds of gear up a 20% grade climb for a good half mile…so hard, we didn’t even stop to take a shot of the steepness…(Marsha still isn’t talking to me after that climb…) We finally reached the view point. I took the shot and it is spectacular.  Add that to the many others I shot during the last week and I think we’ll have a beautiful film to share with you all early next year.

We’re taking the weekend off, gonna read and relax, then head home.

Next we head off for winter in the Wasatch Mountains and Rockies, talk about climate changes!

Till then, be sure to enjoy the view, and do what you can to limit your personal carbon footprint, and that of your nation.   It would be a shame if the only way to remember our once sublime world are our photos and films.

Let’s hope time isn’t running out to make the change.


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