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"On the road" in ColoradoThis section contains ongoing notes from the field, commentaries, and other points of interest that develop. As advocates for the environment, green living and sustainability, you can bet we’ll have a lot to say over time!






Beautiful Kaua`i, Paradise of the Possible

Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 in Being There: Notes from the field, Notes from Wayne | 1 comment

Beautiful Kaua`i Napali CoastI’ll never forget the first time my parents took me and my sisters to the island of Kaua`i, one of the true gems on this planet, with wonderful people to match. I was only about 7 years old, and my only previous experience of a vacation destination was either Palm Springs or San Diego, CA.

Hawaii, and this island, Kaua`i, was an altogether different experience. It was lush, fragrant, green and blue, warm and wet, and at the time, there were only 3 stop lights on the entire island. There was sugar cane, sugar cane, and more sugar cane where ever you looked, as well as beautiful beaches and waves in abundance to surf. At the time, Kaua`i’s main industry was sugar, but tourism was due to grow. (these two thoughts don’t go together) (more…)

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Death Valley—The Production

Posted by on Apr 19, 2012 in Being There: Notes from the field | 4 comments

Death Valley from Dantes ViewOk, the name itself, Death Valley, seems to be an anathema to the positive aspects of my HDSereneScapes films.  That being said, I think this film comes together as a very uplifting experience that I hope you all will enjoy.

The location of the film, Death Valley National Park in California, is one vast and amazing place. It can be for-boding, it is desolate and bleak, it is a place of little moisture, barren rock, sand and salt. When I stood in the open spaces of this desert landscape, I often felt I was are going back in time, imagining what life, or lack of it, looked like to the first visitors to this place.  Going back further in time, imagining what made the Valley, a once massive lake now depleted to smooth and crusted salt flats, is a real mind expanding experience. The reality that this planet was not created in six thousand years (as some believe) is ever present. (more…)

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From here… We Stand up, Speak up, VOTE!

Posted by on Dec 23, 2011 in Action Items, Special Comments | 1 comment

A visual treat: Kauai, Hawai'iLike many of you, I’ve watched so much time wasted by both our citizens (for failing to be engaged and to act, i.e., vote) and our government over the past so many years, I wonder at times, where will we go from here?

Our environment is deteriorating as we have wealthy polluters (Oil companies and private families like the Koch’s) working feverishly to produce false claims that global warming is a fraud that climate denial has become mainstream. All with the American public sitting by as if this isn’t really their problem. The rest of the world isn’t in denial about this serious issue. They know the science, they know the truth. (more…)

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Where I Go to Connect…

Posted by on Dec 17, 2011 in Special Comments | 0 comments

Powell MesaWe all have our sanctuaries, you know, the places we go to settle ourselves and feel connected to a form of stability and safety. Some of us are religious in nature and feel the need to go to a temple, synagogue, church or some other physical facility that provides us with a connection to a perceived higher power. Faith in many of these regards is a powerful thing and I fully understand the value this experience brings to so many.  (more…)

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On Location in “Beautiful Kaua’i”

Posted by on Dec 10, 2011 in Being There: Notes from the field | 0 comments

Kaua'i on locationIt’s been a good week in Kaua’í for shooting HDSereneScapes segments for our next film, “Beautiful Kaua’i.”  I’d been nervous about the weather and worried I could get the project completed after two previous visits earlier this year.  Those trips were met with unusually poor weather for the months of May and June.

Marsha and I come to Kaua’i each year for at least two weeks of vacation time.  (I asked this lovely woman to marry me here 28 years ago, fortunately she said yes, so it’s sort of our place.) Usually in May, it is always sunny, trade winds, some scattered showers and the occasional day or two of rain.  Although the center of the island (Mount Wai‘ale‘ale) is known as being one of the wettest place on earth (over 400 inches a year), I am usually able to shoot dramatic images if I just wait a few minutes for the weather to clear.  Well, this year was not to shoot stills, it was to shoot High Definition Video…and the weather was not usual. (more…)

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How did this all get started?

Posted by on Nov 28, 2011 in Notes from Wayne | 0 comments

The journey creating HDSereneScapes™ films

Scene from Beautiful KauaiThe business of selling fine art photographic prints is nothing like creating the images and making beautiful works like we do at  I truly enjoy the hunt, the discovery, waiting for the magic moment and then capturing a beautiful image to bring to life the beauty of the world around us.  Selling the actual prints, holding the inventory and dealing with the tracking and record keeping necessary to stay legal with fine art prints, well, that’s an entirely different matter.  I’m a creative person and once I’m past the fun of setting up the systems for the process, I’m ready to move on and get back to producing my artworks. (more…)

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‘Tis the Season for Fall Colors

Posted by on Nov 28, 2011 in Notes from Wayne | 0 comments

Scene from 'Fall Colors Colorado'Fall Colors for Thanksgiving and beyond on your Wide Screen HDTV

Well, Thanksgiving has marked the official entry into the “holiday season.”

Upon finding out about my HDSereneScapes films, I can’t tell you how many people have said to me “You have to do a video for the holidays.” (more…)

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Don’t fence me in… Getting access to nature

Posted by on Nov 3, 2011 in Notes from Wayne | 0 comments

Fenced out in Fall Colors Colorado shootI’ve had the pleasure of shooting beautiful photographs for many decades now. As a professional photographer I’ve enjoyed shooting on location both for myself and clients in the advertising, editorial print and film industry. Yet increasingly, our access to nature is being closed off and fenced in like never before. Add to that, the means of communicating the “Private Property” message is getting bolder and nastier. (more…)

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Here we go…

Posted by on Nov 1, 2011 in Notes from Wayne | 0 comments

11/1/11  11:11am PST

Wayne Williams shooting Fall Colors ColoradoWhat an auspicious date and time.  Our world is such an amazing place, our presence on this planet provides us with a great deal of wonder, fear and sadness, opportunity and loneliness, most of us experience different levels of these experiences as we grow and mature.  Our species, the human race has the capacity to do great harm and create great beauty. Our planet does the same.

We are at times impatient, influenced by outside influences, stresses and forces which often seem beyond our control, yet most of us yearn and search for a simple life of safety and stability. (more…)

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