Redwood Coast California

Northern California hosts some of the largest and oldest trees in the world, the California Redwoods. Their environment is stunning, breathtaking, calming and endangered. These scenes were captured in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park and Prairie Creek Redwoods National Park as well as around the towns of Eureka and Arcata in Northern California.

HDSereneScapes films are ambient content films with natural location sounds (no dialog or music) and are intended as moving artwork for video displays, designed to create a calming and peaceful state of mind.

HDSereneScapes films are ambient content films with natural location sounds (no dialog or music) and are to be viewed as moving artwork for video displays intended to create a calming and peaceful state of mind.The above video is a low resolution short trailer (about 6 minutes in length) featuring segments of the full HDSereneScape™ Redwood Coast California (34 min) video experience you can purchase for download.

NOTE ABOUT THE SIZE OF THESE MOVIES: Because of the high quality, resolution and size of this 25-35 minute HD video (as much as 2-5 gigabytes), and depending upon the speed of your internet connection, we recommend you download the video overnight.

IMPORTANT: Do not click on the downloaded (Quicktime)™ icon until you see this icon change to an image from the video. If you click the link before the video is fully downloaded, Quicktime™ will not play the video and will produce an error message…yup, that means you just gotta be patient.

To buy a copy of the full video for download, click the “Add To Cart” link below.

This full length HDSereneScapes™ video is available in two sizes and prices. 

The 720p size will work perfectly on AppleTV™ 2 and other networkable devices. The 720p video is also a large file but will download and start faster than the 1080p versions.

If you use iTunes on your networked computer, you can download the file, drop it onto your iTunes application on your computer and play the video on your AppleTV™ 2 or 3 device or sync it to your iPad/tablet device, or just enjoy it on your computer screen.

If you are a videophile who wants nothing but the highest quality and have the ability to network the video at 1080p resolution, purchase the 1080p version. This version will often take twice as long to download, and longer to load before playing on a device like AppleTV™2 but will work just fine on any Roku or AppleTV™3 or other networked devices on your widescreen High Definition television. Again, be patient.

$3.99—720p, Stereo


Sample stills from the movie:

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