Here we go…

11/1/11  11:11am PST

Wayne Williams shooting Fall Colors ColoradoWhat an auspicious date and time.  Our world is such an amazing place, our presence on this planet provides us with a great deal of wonder, fear and sadness, opportunity and loneliness, most of us experience different levels of these experiences as we grow and mature.  Our species, the human race has the capacity to do great harm and create great beauty. Our planet does the same.

We are at times impatient, influenced by outside influences, stresses and forces which often seem beyond our control, yet most of us yearn and search for a simple life of safety and stability.

We first come in to this world, travel through our lives, and in the end, like everything else on this planet, in this astounding Universe, asking the simple question…why are we here?  Thus we bare a significant burden, a responsibility for ourselves, future generations of all living things to act as protectors of this home of ours. If we do so, our planet will likely do the same.  If we fail to do so, the planet will likely bite back as it is doing now with our impact on the climate is revealing so clearly.

I believe we are here to both give and receive equally from one another and the planet is included in this process. Take too much; greed and destruction, we end up removing life at great costs, to the point we lose ourselves in the process.  All we have here is time, it is the ultimate gift, how we share it, and experience it is by far the most significant means of which we can experience ourselves.  As John Muir once famously said, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” 

Over the years, I’ve learned many skills, and will continue to grow and learn from many experiences in my life that will bring a richness I know money and power would never bring.  As such, I have chosen at this time in my life to bring my view of our home, our spaceship earth, into the homes, offices and lives of everyone who appreciates the beauty and wonder of our planet. I want to bring the astounding elegance I see into the lives of so many who rarely have a chance to experience this beauty. 

We often spend so much time on the treadmill of life we don’t give ourselves enough time in nature, enjoying the value it brings to our hearts and our soul. 

I hope these moving artworks, HDSereneScapes, will provide an awakening of your spirit, enhance your appreciation for our all around us and provide you with a new perspective of the world around your everyday life.  Let this be a perspective that is not filled with fear, greed and destruction, but respect, love and peacefulness.  If these films touch your soul, and allow you to reenter your life’s path with more respect for yourself and the world around you, even for a few moments, then all the better. 

Whether used simply as artwork for High Definition displays, as a form of meditation, to fill a space, calm ones nerves, or just a short break from a hectic life, consider this is my gift back to this wonderful moment in our time, where so much opportunity to make this world better could not be more important.

As Paul McCartney wrote in The Beatles song “The End” on the 1969 Abbey Road album:

“And in the end, the love you take
is equal to the love you make.”

I hope you will join me, share this journey of love and appreciation of beauty, and share it with others as just a small part of your own focus on where you want to go in life.  After all, where we look, is where we go.

Let’s enjoy the ride.

Wayne Williams


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