From here… We Stand up, Speak up, VOTE!

A visual treat: Kauai, Hawai'iLike many of you, I’ve watched so much time wasted by both our citizens (for failing to be engaged and to act, i.e., vote) and our government over the past so many years, I wonder at times, where will we go from here?

Our environment is deteriorating as we have wealthy polluters (Oil companies and private families like the Koch’s) working feverishly to produce false claims that global warming is a fraud that climate denial has become mainstream. All with the American public sitting by as if this isn’t really their problem. The rest of the world isn’t in denial about this serious issue. They know the science, they know the truth.

Look at the prices we pay for food and energy, or the loss of civil liberties as we fear terrorism. Republicans in control in our State legislatures are working diligently to remove even the right to vote if you are poor, live without a photo ID or have your name listed differently on your voter registration than it is on a drivers license (perhaps just by your middle initial not being present). We have wars still in progress in Afghanistan and clandestine wars we don’t even know about in other regions of the world, all being paid with our tax dollars we didn’t vote for, while cuts to roads, education and public service’s are being axed.

Our economic system is designed to profit those who often do harm. Until the Occupy movement came along and changed the narrative, the corporate media channels only focused on bogus distraction and fear issues.

Each one of these things effects the cost to our own personal wealth and well being, while little is being done about the real problems. All because we fail to stand up, speak up and vote.

Now, I’m all for the economic justice being shouted about by the Occupy movement, and I support it in ernest. It has brought us to finally discuss our issues directly with each other, yet if we fail to vote for Congressional and Senatorial candidates who speak for us, like Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, then we will continue to have Republicans & Blue Dog Democrats blocking everything society needs to turn around this Anti-Democracy Climate. Getting out and voting is the only way to end this economic inequality juggernaut, which otherwise will continue until the entire system collapses beyond repair.

Frankly, I’m optimistic that real change is coming, not from President Obama, but from us. The Occupy movement is proving that. I have no doubt the President will get a second term, the incompetence of the current batch of Tea Bag Republican candidates proves that (they represent at best 25% of the voting public) so if the rest of us, this time, show up and vote, we will be in a much better position to effect change that matters. Obama is a flawed pragmatist and poor poker player who will make change happen only if we force that change upon him. He’s not the ‘fighter’ many thought he was, we are going to have to push him to do the right thing by putting strong Progressives in Congress & the Senate who put people and not money first!

Many people sat back thinking Obama would do what he said, so they didn’t get out and vote in 2010. This time, failure to get back out and vote in 2012 is no longer an option.

Let me just remind you, the strong progressive Democratic Congress under Speaker Nancy Pelosi put through viable environmental actions, jobs bills and a public option health care bill that were all watered down by a Senate that had to get 60 votes to pass anything (there were only 59 Democrats). Why? Because of a filibuster rule that isn’t even in the Constitution and used to require a Senator to stand and speak in order to stave off a vote. Now Senate rules don’t even require a Senator to stand on the floor of the Senate to stop a vote, one could just say they would filibuster in committee and a bill would die without a floor vote. I blame the Senate Democrats for failing to kill the Filibuster rule and I blame the Republicans for abusing it beyond reason.

Enough tyranny by the minority! The public wants action; justice, economic, environmental and social. This society and it’s people have worked hard and are being pushed down to much. It’s time for “we the people” to wake up, before time runs out.

Here is what you can do, everyday:

  • Respond to calls for action by way of email alerts on environmental and economic issues.
  • Write an email or call your Representatives on an issue whenever you can.
  • Tell them you want money out of politics so they are no longer influenced by the top 1%.
  • Tell them you want strong environmental laws enforced to protect your health and well being.
  • Tell them to stop supporting the 1% or you will actively work to replace them. Trust me, when they get enough calls on a particular issue, they pay attention.
  • Find or start groups in your local area, here are a few good sites to follow for news that isn’t pro-corporate in nature regarding a number of important environmental issues you can act upon.

No one is coming to rescue us folks, it’s up to us to save ourselves. Envision a positive future, talk it up and act.

We can do it, we must do it.

We will do it because the time is now to Stand Up, Speak Up and VOTE!

Have a happy…and we’ll see you next year!


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  • David

    Thanks for helping to keep the neophytes among us informed.