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Ok, we all seemed to have made it through 2014, what a year.

How many of us kept our New Year’s Resolutions from this last year? Yeah, exactly!!!

My resolution was pretty simple. To remain calm and centered in the midst of all that was going to be happening in the year to come.

My means of taking it down a notch in my everyday stress was to use many different methods. Some I’d learned, some I’ve practiced daily and some I’ve created that others can use who don’t usually give themselves the time to take a break, but need the advantage of the effects of being calm.

I’ve learned to meditate over the years, to get my mind to release the countless thoughts that stress me out on occasion. But I know many people find it difficult to meditate. It takes time and practice to ‘train your mind’ to let go.

I exercise almost daily, either by doing Yoga, strength training or my favorite, riding my bike 3-5 days a week for 35-60 miles a day. The endorphins kick in and set the tone for each day after a morning workout, but stresses still find their way to creep into my life.

Then there are the audio and video stress relievers I’ve created, my HDSereneScapes® films.

For me, HDSereneScapes® films always set the tone for my day, and help my mind relax while I’m working on my own at my desk or just wanting to take a break watching the films.

At my desk, I’ve got my films playing on my iPad, sort of like a small moving artwork picture frame with sounds of nature or the music of Steven Halpern quietly soothing the work experience. If I were in a crowded office, I’d just put on headphones and get the full experience too. For your home, office lobby, clinic etc… with wide screen HDTV, the experience is even more enhanced.

And now getting access to my HDSereneScapes® films could not be easier.  Just go to on your computer or mobile device and subscribe for just $4.99 a month for $49.99 a year.  You even get a 7 day free trial and can play all the films, with natural sounds or with the music of Steven Halpern whenever or wherever you like.

I hope you will be pleasantly surprised.

Have a very Happy New Year and may all your positive dreams come true.


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