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Fall Colors for Thanksgiving and beyond is available on your Wide Screen HDTV. And, Thanksgiving has marked the official entry into the “holiday season.”

Upon finding out about my HDSereneScapes films, I can’t tell you how many people have said to me “You have to do a video for the holidays.”

So, are you ready for your home holiday gatherings? Then here you go, ” Fall Colors Colorado ” is perfect for filling that large black frame, your Wide Screen HD TV. You know, the one your Mom, sibling or mother-in-law says shouldn’t be playing those post football game talking heads, or worse yet, Faux Fake News, you know, the “Fear & Lies News Network. You don’t want that big piece of glass just sitting there as dark as a black hole in the cosmos now do you?

Go ahead, Stream the full “Fall Colors Colorado” video for less than that Pumpkin Spice Latte, stream your subscription from your mobile device browser or computer to an  AppleTVGoogleTV or DVD Player that networks with your computer and play it as often as you like, it will soothe those possible family outbursts that may or may not occur and keep the kids a bay for at least a half hour.

If you really want to let everyone know how much you appreciate beauty without shoving it down their, well you know, stream the other 3 HDSereneScapes films of Big SurSanta Ynez and the California Redwoods and fill the entire afternoon with serene peacefulness.

Who knows, everyone might just leave full, and happy, even if they don’t know why.

You can thank me later…



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