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Just imagine….

A world without clean oceans, lakes, rivers and streams.

Just imagine….

A world without trees to shade us, bare fruits and nuts or plants to feed us.

Just imagine….

Skies filled with unbreathable dirty air, a world of intense heat and suffocating humidity.

Just imagine….

A world of extreme weather, flooding, drought.

Just imagine how horrible life would be. Not a pretty picture, nor a world any of us would like to live in.

Yet that is where we are headed if we do not wake up and change our ways, and quickly.

Time is running out as we are already seeing the fruits of our carbon spewing and population growth, consuming resources and heating the planet more and more every minute.

Decades ago, the folks who envisioned Earth Day as an educational event saw how much waste and pollution mankind was putting into the environment and knew the people of this amazing planet did not understand the extent of their actions. How the food we eat, the vehicles we drive, the burning of fossil fuels at the rate we were going was no longer viable for life on earth. Instead they wanted to make us aware of renewables that are non destructive and sustainable or recyclable and that brought forth a much more ethical and moral future for life on the planet.

Earth Day is a laudable and more important day now than it ever has been since we are seeing the results of our failures to act. We now must act with more determination than ever before to avoid what now may be inevitable. Significant environmental change effecting millions if not billions of human lives and the loss of countless species in a very fragile eco system on our spaceship Earth.

It is time to wake up, there is no time to waste. There is no Planet B, there is no mystical being in the sky who is going to magically save us. This is all we have and we are 100% responsible for what we have done and were we go from here.

I know, I’m not being kind with my words here. Why, because I am scared of what will come should we continue to live in denial or just wish the reality of the problem away.

It is no longer a question of if life will change on this planet, but to what degree and when.

So, please go to and get involved! Learn how you can do your small part to save our world.

Get educated, stand up, speak out against the climate deniers, vote for those who take this problem seriously and act with positive intentions to improve our world.

Do not let films like mine be a last reminder of the beauty of our planet for those who manage to survive should we fail to act fast enough.


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