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Every month my public relations support team asks me to write up a couple of blog posts with suggestions of titles and subjects to consider.

This one was a tough one. After all, how do you pick your favorite child? Not something you want to express publicly at least.

Yeah, oh well, here goes.

Beautiful Kaua’i is the one I watch the most because I often dream of being in Kaua’i nearly all year round. The Garden Isle of the Hawaiian islands is paradise incarnate since I started going there when I was eight years old.

Now that’s not to say my other films are less relaxing. In fact, watching, or having the films playing as ambient background whenever possible is always a calming and relaxing experience.

It’s wonderful any time of year to be transported to the Rockies to see the fall colors peaking (Fall Colors Colorado) or to the lush green beauty of the Redwood Coast of California.

How about stopping along the Big Sur Coast of California to enjoy the vistas and scenery to relax the mind… Done!

If it’s hot outside, diving into my Winter Snow film always lowers my stress and seems to cool me down. A very nice chill indeed.

Then, on days that are filled with just to many people, crowded streets and excess energy demands on my time, the serene desert landscapes of California’s amazing Death Valley let me know there are places that do exist without those pressures. Near instant relaxation.

The peacefulness of the Santa Ynez Valley film, with the Oak Trees and rolling hills always touch me especially with what seems to be the sweet chirping of happy birds that surround me when I settle in from the very first early morning foggy view of a lone oak in a hill side field of lush grasses.

But I would be remiss to not include my newest film, A Peaceful Journey through the Portland Japanese Garden. This wonderful property contains five separate and distinct gardens, each of which I could sit calmly enjoying for hours. The waterfalls, the koi ponds, the rock gardens, the rain, the forest atmosphere are so relaxing I feel my mind and heart settle without delay.

So, which one is your most relaxing HDSereneScapes film? Tough choice indeed. Why don’t you Subscribe for just $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year and see which one is your favorite. You get a free 7 day free trial and can watch them whenever and wherever you like, over and over again, just like I do.


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