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Everyone wants a gift they can give to family and friends that shows them you are a caring person.

You want to express kindness, compassion, concern for them and the world around us. But let’s be honest, we also want to give a gift that lasts, that is enjoyed over and over again. A gift that if it is seasonal will never go out of style.

And if we are honest, we also want to save a bit of money in the process.

Years ago I was making beautiful Giclée prints of my photographic landscape images which sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Although many of them are still available as limited edition signed and numbered prints, I felt my works were restricted to those who could afford them, but you see, I’m a more egalitarian artist when it comes down to it.

So when I started creating my HDSereneScapes® films, I wanted to price them in a manner to which everyone could afford them, yet still have the power and impact of my photos, if not more so.

Whether you are invited to a friends for Thanksgiving dinner and want to give them “Fall Colors Colorado”, or perhaps to a Holiday Party where “Winter Snow” would do the trick. Maybe someone you know will be living up north during the winter snows and would love to have them enjoy “Beautiful Kaua’i” with music by Steven Halpern when ever they would like to get away… or with El Nino coming to the southwest with expected heavy rains, perhaps the serenity of “Death Valley” will work too.

If you know they are partial to Zen and meditation, then how about a peaceful journey through the Portland Japanese Garden? You can even purchase a BluRay disc that includes both the ambient sound and music versions of the film directly from the Portland Japanese Gardens own website for just $20 plus shipping and handling.

Hey, you can even find bundles of some of the films on iTunes, just search HDSereneScapes and gift them that way too.

Better yet, With pricing as low as $4.99 a month, or $49.99 a year you can gift streaming all my the films so your family and friends can enjoy them over and over again whenever they like. Just subscribe to the films you want online via this website.

HDSerenescapes® films are the perfect holiday gift that show you appreciate nature and life.



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