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Everyone wants to get a gift from a friend that lasts more than just a few moments. Even better is to receive a gift that they can use or enjoy for years to come. And at less cost than a lunch meal out, you can even give yourself such a gift that is not only beautiful, but both peaceful as well as calming. How nice would that be?

HDSereneScapes® films are just such a gift. You can easily gift a Subscription to our films for as little as $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year which includes a 7 day free trial.

As artwork for video displays, HDSereneScapes® Films are intended to support a calming and peaceful state of mind in our ever present pursuit of happiness.

Who wouldn’t want to experience a gift that shows you care for a friend or family member enough to want them to be happy and at peace with themselves.

Whether for a business office, clinic, spa, salon or the home, HDSereneScapes® films provide the magic and beauty of some of our country’s most beautiful landscapes and locations. Viewing them creates a sense of 3D depth on a 2 dimensional screen (without those silly glasses) that actually appears to calm the mind, lower one’s heart rate and blood pressure. We call it “Natural 3D Motion”.

HDSereneScapes® films are ambient content films that can fill a wide screen TV with serene beauty and natural sounds of the environment. Birds to waves, running steams and wind fill your room with 5:1 Surround Sound, and if you prefer, many of the films can be purchased with the beautiful music of Stephen Halpern as well.

The films are easy to stream in 1080p. They play beautifully on your large tablet, or fed to your wide screen TV via devices like AppleTV®, ROKU®, AndroidTV® and others. The current 8 films can be looped to play for over 6 hours.

I’ve spent more than four years creating these films as a labor of love and the passion I have for the environment. With our stressful and busy lives, giving the gift of HDSereneScapes® films can be enjoyed and appreciated over and over again.

Explore the trailers and images of my HDSereneScapes® films and enjoy them for years to come.

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