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Let’s be honest, in a cynical way, contemporary Valentine’s Day is a creation of the card, flower, candy and gift industries to get you to buy their products in order to express love and support for others. That’s really not so bad, although it has been perverted from and named after the Christian martyr St. Valentine in the 5th Century, yet it has organs going back to the Roman holiday Lupercalia.

Wouldn’t you know that the name of our current holiday comes out of a time when wars and unpopular campaigns were being waged in ancient Rome by Emperor Claudius II, who felt that as he needed more canon fodder (soldiers) he struggled for more troops, as many didn’t want to leave their loved ones and family behind. As such, Claudius canceled all marriages and engagements. Along comes a Roman Priest named Valentine who defied the emperor and began secretly marrying couples, after all, Valentine was a romantic at heart. Well, to be expected, Claudius had him beaten to death on February 14th, around 270 A.D. Of course, he was later named a Saint… Or was it because Valentine helped Christians escape from Roman prison, or that he fell in love with a jailer’s daughter while confined and that before he died he wrote a farewell letter to her “from your Valentine.” Ah history and how it is molded.

Origins of the holiday actually started with Lupercalia, which was a very ancient pre-Roman pastoral festival observed in the middle of February to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility for the coming spring.

Well, let me suggest, in a positive way, you first honor Valentine’s Day by giving a gift to yourself that will put you in a clear and open state of mind as was originally intended by the Lupercalia festival. After all, all love starts with an open heart. How to do this? Well of course by enjoying HDSereneScapes® films right at your desk, home or office whether at your computer or on a wide screen TV. The films allow you to divert your mind from the constant stresses we put on ourselves by the lives we lead. To open your heart and soul to a world of beautiful nature that is calming and peaceful.

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From there, you can send good vibes to all around you.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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