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Oh man it is hot outside, and getting hotter it seems every year.

Ok, so it isn’t that it seems to be getting hotter every year, in fact, it is!!!

Going outside in oppressive heat is not a smart thing to do, especially in the middle of the afternoon and especially with high humidity and heat warnings.

Our world is changing and wether you like it or not, we are responsible, the science on this is conclusive and only fools and deceivers with greed as their goal claim otherwise.

But here we are, facing a world of change that requires us to use caution when outside, staying hydrated and covered as best we can.

If you are going to be inside, and not outside enjoying nature, get the next best experience of nature right in your home or office. Subscribe and loop a series of my HDSereneScapes® films via your computer or mobile device browser to an AppleTV, smartTV or Roku box and get a sense of nature with the sounds and views of the ocean, mountains, streams and water falls we all wish we could enjoy when ever we wished.

If you really want to see nature at it’s cooling best, be sure to stream “Winter Snow” and let the white coolness of Colorado and Utah winters wash over you.  You can stream all our films for just $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year with a starting 7 day free trial period.  How ‘cool’ is that!

Remember, as moving artwork for video displays, whether on a tablet or wide screen TV, HDSereneScapes® films are intended to support a calming and peaceful state of mind in our ever present pursuit of happiness.

Stay cool this summer, stay calm.


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