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My HDSereneScapes® films are about bringing the outside world of natural beauty into our lives when and where we often may not have the time, or can not physically get out into Nature to appreciate its wonder. Mindfully being aware of our natural world is a valuable part of living a full life.

The wonderful thing about looking outside of ourselves is that it allows us to dream of an enriched world both for ourselves and others that we want to experience fully. A place of serenity, we dream of living our lives within is a place of peaceful existence we wish to experience as much and as often as possible. That is how Nature allows us to dream, and at the same time, it can allow us to look within. For no matter what richness or wealth we dream of attaining, who we are and what we dream of acquiring is not really where peace and calming awareness live.

This is what many people do not realize, and is what those who meditate understand. Looking outside ourselves can also provide us with an opportunity to let go and awaken to our inner being. That process of looking within is often a challenge for many of us in the western world. For it requires us to do the opposite of dreaming. Looking in asks us to release what and who we think we should be or acquire.

The trick of awakening, to find ourselves, is a process that never ends, for it is the ongoing journey of life itself. If we are interested and willing to following that path, even just once a day, it can allow us to quietly see within ourselves to find peace within ourselves. It can remind us that, like nature, we are just here. Without judgement, fear, resentment or insecurity. It is a powerful awakening experience.

You see, our minds, as Buddhists teachers often say, has this chattering monkey of our thoughts and fears constantly babbling in our heads, blocking us from who we really are, and seeing the world for what it really is. This constant chatter blocks us from seeing where we can begin our lives again at each moment.

Looking within, quietly just listening to our breath, distracting our chattering minds, can help quiet the babble and allow us to appreciate a connection with ourselves we rarely experience. Find a quiet place without distractions, close your eyes and relax. Listen to your breath, again and again, and again. Let the babble come up and let it drift away, again, and again, and again. Doing so opens the door, if we chose to walk through it, to even leave our dreams behind and look within to discover peace and awareness that was always there.

Peace… Patience, Empathy, Awareness, Compassion, Enlightenment.

So whether you watch my films or meditate, travel on your own into the beauty of nature or spend quiet time doing something you truly love to do, always take the time to look and appreciate our amazing planet. Both to discover who you wish to become, and take the same opportunity, to not be afraid to look inside yourself to awaken inner peace. Something no amount of money can provide.

So feel free to give yourself the time to let go, to breath and awaken to the person you are, a part of a much larger universe of awareness and wonder.

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