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Just a few days ago I was dwelling on the word Peace. Playing with the letters to see if I could come up with a mnemonic play on the letters. A play that would fit with my experience of the word at a personal level.

Here is what I came up with….


Unbeknowst to me, the phrase from this blog posts title was the first word in the mnemonic that seems to well define what Emerson was pointing out. That to adapt a personal connection to a peaceful life, we need to connect with Nature. To understand the important secret nature has to teach us, which begins with being patient.

This does not mean do nothing! For just as walking a wooded path requires movement to enjoy all the aspects of the path. It means to walk the path of life with an awareness that life is not to be all consumed with being impatient.

Enjoying the beauty of Nature brings you a sense of the pace of life outside yourself. One that requires patience, empathy for yourself and others. Awareness of the insignificance of your problems in your place in the world… That the compassion that you show for others and yourself brings love to your life in ways you never expect. And finally, that the enlightenment of the infinite existence of time and space which we only get a glimpse of when we chose to walk the a path of peace.

So when you are stressed, remind yourself to be willing to be like nature. Calm down, breath, if you can, get out in nature. If you can’t easily get outside, meditate, do yoga, exercise, and of course play an HDSereneScapes® film. But be willing to be patient. Express empathy, awareness, and compassion for the process of lightening up a bit will be enlightening indeed, even for just a fleeting moment or two.

For by practicing PEACE on a regular basis, you will be surprised by the simple process letting go can have on your mental and physical well being.

With love and Peace!


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