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The quest for knowledge requires a clear mind. Understanding and reason require an open mind. Awareness and the ability to question require a calm and relaxed mind.

Heading back to school should be an enlivening experience, one that opens the heart with the desire to grow and learn about the world around us and the value we can contribute to it in a positive and purposeful way.

Each of us, no matter where we are in our lives, should look at every day as an opportunity to learn and grow… i.e… to go “Back to School.” Yet we don’t because, more often than not, we are stressed and insecure about our sense that we won’t be able to handle the many things that might be coming at us during the day. Whenever anything is new, we resist it out of fear and our sense that we might not be able to handle it well.

Overcoming fear is not rocket science. It is all about being able to relax and calm down so our minds can become more open to seeing life anew.

Exercise, meditation and my HDSereneScapes® films all can assist in calming the mind so one can be more open and aware, rather than resistant and constrained. This has been my experience all throughout my life. When I’m fearful of something new, have some significant event or project I’m going to be doing, I always take time out of my day to get in touch with a more calming and peaceful awareness of myself and let the concerns I have drift away.

Becoming calm and relaxed allows one to be more open to focus on the tasks at hand, with more clarity and openness. Since our minds are like sponges with so much room to fill, releasing stress is essential to being able to learn and become smarter, more passionate and compassionate human beings.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, I even play my HDSereneScapes® films while I’m doing my work at my desk for an added sense of well being. That is why hundreds of hospitals, clinics, offices, spas, salons and people’s homes do the same.

Subscribe to HDSereneScapes® films for just $4.99 a month and get started relieving your Back to School stress all throughout the year. Connect with yourself to expand your world.

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