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Did you know? You can put the experience of being in a beautiful place in nature right at your desk to enjoy all day long. I do it every day when I sit at my desk. It is a wonderful joy to have in my life. It keeps me sane in this often speedy, rapidly jolting world we live in. I’m not talking about a plant or some flowers although those are nice for sure. I’m talking about HDSereneScapes® films.

I just love the feeling I get when I’m out in nature! It is a very visual experience. I’m not talking about the down sides, brutally cold or extremely hot, humid weather, places where a mosquito or other annoyances can pester you. I’m talking about those places that take your breath away and give us a better connection to a world. Those beautiful places, stunning vistas that, for most of us, we rarely get out to see as often as we would like. Places that we know and feel, expand our well being. You know what I’m talking about. We all dream about these places often and wish we could be there now… if only….!

As a professional photographer and now video/cinematographer who has had the privilege of creating my art in some beautiful places on earth, I wanted to figure out a way to bring the sights and sounds of my outdoor experiences to people in their homes, offices and in other places which can sometimes create stress in our lives.

Imagine a calming beach scene on a tropical island, the sound of waves lapping at the shore, palm tree branches waving softly in the morning trade winds while billowy clouds drift across the distant horizon kissed by the beauty of morning light. This visual is moving as the camera slides slowly across the scene so that you feel like you are standing in the midst of all that beauty.

HDSereneScapes® films were born out of my desire to make the experience of ‘being there’ as real as possible. I developed a Patent Pending process I call “Natural 3D Motion” that presents my moving visuals to the viewer in a manner that actually allows you, the viewer, to have the emotional benefits that come from being in nature even if you are stuck at your desk working away.

You can experience the sense of a lowered blood pressure and heart rate just glancing or deliberately watching my films right at your desk. It is just like looking out a window at the scene itself.

Are you up for owning that experience whenever you want? Well then….

To get started, Subscribe for just $4.99 a month and get a 7 day free trial to all our HDSereneScapes® films. You can then watch the films whoever and wherever you want on your computer, mobile device browser and even throw the films to your AppleTV or other compatible set top box.  Set your mobile device next to your work area like a stand up picture frame and play the films as a beautiful moving picture frame. You can even turn up the audio to hear the chipping of the birds and just enjoy the almost immediate calming effect of what appears to be a 3D window into nature, right at your desk.

I have over five hours of beautiful films taken in places like the California Redwoods, Colorado’s majestic mountains peaking at fall colors, the Big Sur Coast, the island of Kaua’i, the amazing landscapes of Death Valley and soon, a peaceful Zen like experience of the stunning Portland Japanese Gardens. My films are also available with the peaceful music of Steven Halpern as well.

So again, you can Subscribe to all the films on our website for your computer or mobile device. Many people even put them up on their wide screen TV’s using an AppleTV box or Chromcast. Other alternatives are to use a Roku®, AndroidTV® or PlayStation® device to stream the films from your computer browser.

You may just find you enjoy what you are doing just that much more, and even become more productive in the process.

So even when you are working away at your desk, take a desk break and connect to nature and connect to yourself with HDSereneScapes® films.


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