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For many years I had been creating limited edition photographic landscapes images. One of the areas I did a bit of shooting in was the California Redwoods area around Mendecino County of Northern California. As I had captured still images in some of the Parks up there, I knew shooting a High Definition HDSereneScapes® film of this lush green and peaceful area would be worth another trip.

After getting great feedback from my first two HDSereneScapes® films, “Santa Ynez Valley” and “Big Sur Coast”, I suggested to my wife Marsha that we make a trip to the California Redwoods and create another HDSereneScapes® film.

Just to make sure I wasn’t going to miss anything in what would be a week long trip to the Arcata and Eureka area of the State, I reached out to Patti Stammer of “ScoutHumboldt” to ask for her assistance in preparing a “route trip” travel plan of the areas I may not have known about.

Patti was amazing! As she scouts locations for major film companies looking to shoot in the area, she provided us with a wonderful list and mapped routes to all the best places for the type of film I was shooting. She laid everything out during a lovely dinner at the Plaza Grill in Arcata, CA. Our trip was off to a great start indeed.

Over the next 5 days, Marsha and I drove, hiked, climbed and filmed the massive Redwoods, coastal vistas and amazing Fern Canyon of Prairie Creek Redwoods National Park as well as the Humboldt Redwoods and Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Parks. The weather was great, fog in the morning, sunlight through the forests in the afternoons.

True to the magical environment, I was up early one morning to shoot Moonstone Beach before to many people arrived. Low and behold, I first smelled and then found a small blue glass mall jar left behind on one of the rocks. Obviously, some previous evening beach partiers who were enjoying the local cannabis the area is famous for forgot to take the good stuff home. Hmm, wonder why? HA! Anyway, all I can say is thanks for sharing.

In any case, the beauty of this area was as an experience as high as the trees, many of which you couldn’t even see the tops. So, to take a trip there anytime you want, subscribe to HDSereneScapes® films for just $4.99 a month and enjoy “Redwood Coast California” with ambient sound, or grab the version with Steven Halpern’s music and enjoy, no matter what state you are in.



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