How to Play HDSereneScapes®films on Apple TV®

Stress is an everyday factor of life, whether at work or at home. Our HDSereneScapes® films are intended to help you create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere; whether in offices, lobbies, spas, salons, dental or medical clinics.  People just like you and me who would like to create just such a calming atmosphere, even in our homes..

Now imagine these beautiful films of stunning serene landscapes playing on your wide screen HDTV for as long as you like right in your business or home.

Here is a breakdown of the items and steps you can take to make this happen.

You will need our HDSereneScapes® films of course, a Mac computer with Apple’s AppleTV app, or if you are a PC user, ‘iTimes for Windows’ from Microsoft, and an Apple TV device attached to a wide screen HDTV via HDMI cable.  The Apple TV should be connected via Ethernet cable or WiFi to the same network as the computer you will be using. We suggest you make the connection between the computer and the Apple TV device via Ethernet as it is much faster and will not bog down your WiFi connection with constant streaming of video content.

Here is a list of the Equipment and software you will need to get started:

  1. Mac or PC Computer (costs vary)
  2. Apple TV 2,3 4 or higher ($150-200)
  3. High Definition Television with HDMI inputs (Costs vary)
  4. Apple’s iTunes for your PC Computer (Free) / or Apple’s AppleTV app on your Mac.
  5. An Ethernet router on your home or office network (You can use a WiFi connection but it may slow or bog down your network if many people are using your WiFi, so do consider Ethernet for this use.
  6. Ethernet cables from the computer to your network router.
  7. Ethernet cable from your network router to your designated Apple TV device
  8. Finally, and most importantly, our HDSereneScapes® films.  You can purchase and download a few or all our films from com The films start at $8.00 per film depending on length, or up to $15.00 if it has a Steven Halperin music track rather than just our ambient nature sounds. If you were to purchase all our ambient natural sounds HDSereneScapes® films currently available it would only run you about $80 for over 6 hours of content that you could loop to run all day long.  Music versions are just a few dollars more per film.

You can play multiple HDSereneScapes® films for hours and hours in a loop in iTunes for Windows, but you will need to duplicate the films in the AppleTV Library for more time as the loop option is not available.

(See also how to set up multiple HDTV’s in larger offices or homes in the Bonus Setup description at the end of this post.)

Ready? Here are the steps to get you up and running:

  1. Have a current Apple Mac computer or PC connected via ethernet to your office or home network.  (If you want to have a stand alone computer for this purpose, like an Apple Macintosh Mini or a small PC, make sure it has sufficient memory and processing speeds.  (Ideally, the computer should not be much more than 4 years old to play video smoothly (as of 2017.)  It is also best to select a computer that is not a heavy usage machine for other purposes in the network.
  2. Make sure you have Apple’s current version of iTunes for Windows installed on the computer or AppleTV App on your Mac.
  3. Make sure you have an HDTV with HDMI inputs.
  4. Connect your Apple TV device to your network using an ethernet cable to your router.
  5. Next, connect the Apple TV to your HDTV via an HDMI cable.
  6. After you turn on your Apple TV select the “Settings” Icon, then click ‘General’.  In the General settings, select ‘Network’ and log into your selected Network the designated computer is on.
  7. Now go back to “Settings/General’ and select ‘Computers’ and turn on Home Sharing.
  8. Purchase and download all the HDSereneScapes® films you want to have play and initially place them in a folder in your Movies Folder so they are easily backed up (you are backing up your computer, right?). Placing them initially in your User/Movies/HDSereneScapes folder allows you to access them easily if necessary.
  9. For PC’s, select the films in the HDSereneScapes films folder you just put them in, and drag and drop them into your iTunes application (or within iTunes select File/Add to Library and navigate to your HDSereneScapes® films folder and select all the films in the list you want to play and click ‘’ For Mac’s Open the AppleTV App, select ‘Library’ and then ‘Home Videos’ in the left hand column and then download the films from the folder in the finder into the ‘Home Videos’ Library.
  10. After all the films have been installed into the iTunes or AppleTV library select the Movies toggle above the left column and then select File/New/Playlist to create a Playlist you will call HDSereneScapes Films within iTunes.
  11. On a PC, move the films you just brought into iTunes into that Playlist.  You can then organize the films in any order you want them to play.
  12. Now, turn on Home Sharing (File/Home Sharing)on your Apple TV and connect your Apple TV to the network with your Mac or PC. On your PC or Mac, just start playing the first film in the new playlist you created, select the AirPlay icon (usually bottom left) and sent it to the AppleTV device of your choice.
  13. Now just set the volume you want and…
  14. That’s it!  Relax and enjoy nature right where you are.

Multiple HDTV Bonus setup instructions:

Consider purchasing the HDSereneScapes® MiniPlayer for Business which has all Ambient films already loaded and ready to play and you won’t even need a computer, just the hub items below:

If you have multiple HDTV’s around your office and you want to connect them to one Apple TV, you can connect the ethernet network connected Apple TV device to an HDMI Hub ( here is a link to the StarTech 4K HDMI 4 Port Hub at amazon: ).  There are many HDMI hubs on the market so check around for what you may need.

Audio/Video installation professionals are recommended for more sophisticated setups.  You can check out the AVIXA organization to locate an Audio/Video installer near you at:

Then run HDMI Cables to each of your HDTV’s. This will allow you to run the same films to all sets at the same time.

If you want to play the audio from the films through the HDTV’s own speakers you are set to go.  If you want to send our films ambient sound or other music to a separate audio speaker network, all you need is an audio/tuner receiver hooked up to the speakers around your location, and a audio fiber connection cable that will go from the Apple TV to the receiver.  This way you can easily control the audio content and volume via the audio/tuner receiver. In other words, you could hook up an iPod with music, or play a radio station or music from another iTunes library on another computer while our films are playing on the HDTV’s.