HDSereneScapes® MiniPlayer for Business



Contains over 6+ hours of all current HDSereneScapes® Ambient content films

Perfect for Realtors with Open Houses, offices, waiting rooms, clinics, spas, lobbies and any business that wants to create a calming and peaceful mood for their employees and clients.

The HDSereneScapes MiniPlayer comes with all our current ambient content films in one simple device.

Easily connects to any HDTV with HDMI port.

Play all films continuously without pause. Films will loop indefinitely if desired.

Easy to hide behind HDTV or transport from location to location.

Quantity Pricing: (Shopping cart automatically adjusts pricing)

1–4 $199.99 each
5–9 $174.99 each
10 and up $149.99 each



  1. Take HDMI cable, insert biggest end connector into HDMI port on the TV
  2. Insert other smaller end of HDMI cable into the HDSereneScapes® Mini Player. (if using a different HDMI cable from an HDTV, use the HDMI to mini-HDMI connector supplied in case to connect to the Mini Player.)
  3. Plug power cord into an A/C wall outlet
  4. Insert other end of power cord into the Mini Players USB port
  5. Turn on HDTV
  6. If films do not display within 2 minutes, unplug power to Mini Player, wait 30 seconds, plug back in power. You may need to use your HDTV remote’s “Input” button or “Menu” to find the source (HDMI Port you put cable into HDTV), scroll through HDMI options until films are displayed

To stop films on TV
Turn off TV, disconnect AC power to HDSereneScapes® device, disconnect HDMI cables & pack device & cables into carry case.

What’s in the box:

  • HDSereneScapes® mini player with HDMI & Power cables
  • HDMI Connector to Mini HDMI connector
  • Carry Case (Size)
  • Instruction card


  1. Marty Kassowitz

    “This device is so easy to use, if I have an open house, I just connect the HDMI cable to the homes HDTV, then connect that cable to the Mini-Player, plug in the power to the mini player and turn on the HDTV, within moments, the films start playing for over 6 1/2 hours and then loop indefinitely with no other effort. They create the perfect vibe in the home rather than having a wide screen black hole in a homes living room”. – David Kryger Berkshire/Hathaway Realtor – Encino, CA

  2. Marty Kassowitz

    I’m always looking for something new to help me promote homes I represent for sale. I’m pretty clumsy with technology and I wanted some way to easily create a good feeling for clients when they come into a home I’m showing. This device is so perfect! I just hook it up and the mood is set with calm visual ‘live’ shots of the California coastline or Colorado mountains, and more. When I go to hold open houses on weekends, I just bring it with me in the included carry case, and it’s up and running in no time.” – Eric Lieberman / Realtor – Compass Real Estate

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