Wayne’s Blog

Winter and Adversity

I have tried in the past to be as positive and supportive in my posts as I could. This unfortunately will not be a pleasant blog post. Read further at your own risk, for I am about to vent… [...]

Earth Day

Decades ago, the folks who envisioned Earth Day as an educational event saw how much waste and pollution mankind was putting into the environment and knew the people of this amazing planet did [...]

Gift of Serenity

You can now gift a subscription for $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year with a 7 day free trial to anyone you wish. What a gift of serenity, if I do say so myself. Ambient sounds of nature, music and [...]

Death Valley

Ok, the name itself, Death Valley, seems to be an anathema to the positive aspects of my HDSereneScapes® films. That being said, I think this film comes together as a very uplifting experience [...]