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The New Year is months ago, and all those resolutions… how are they doing? Yeah, I thought so… oh well, so it goes…

Yet here we are, the first day of Spring and another opportunity to begin life anew.

This year, March 20th, is the first day of Spring, a time when our space ship Earth, our planet, our home swings around in the northern hemisphere to bring us longer sunny days, flowers and trees beginning to bloom and if we are paying attention, there is a sense of renewal and awakening all around us.

This is always a time for things like… Spring Cleaning, getting that stuff out of your space you don’t need or use anymore. But it can also be a time to examine your life and see what you have been holding on to that you don’t need to drag around, both mentally and physically.

Here is a simple thing to do, how about becoming the person you want or wanted to be? Just renew your life once again, like the annual cycle of life, and view it as a time to both personally and professionally grow into the person you dreamed about wanting to be.

No, I’m not talking about acquiring wealth or fame, or possessing stuff, I’m talking about being the person, having the state of mind that you visualize a good person to be. One who treats others as you would like to be treated. Frankly, it’s time to start dreaming good thoughts and placing no limits on who you are as a person.

So get out today, take a walk and be grateful for the life you have, and start doing positive things for yourself because they do make you feel and become a healthier person, both mentally and physically.

Make today the day you decide to let the past go, and begin to walk a path of making yourself worthy of good thoughts and feelings. Then do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

Relax, let things happen spontaneously, listen to family and friends and watch to see if they are growing anew too. Don’t sit in judgement, just observe and enjoy what you may not have seen before. Take life in, put out renewed positive energy. Surround yourself with things that support your well being.

Make like the plants, the trees, the sun; flower, grow and shine, for Spring is in the air.

Breathe… Breathe… Smile… Smile… Stand up, get growing.

Life is worth it if you want it.

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