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Wow, it seems like just a few days ago that the New Year began, and yet here it is, Spring!  My how time flies, hopefully when you are having fun and enjoying your life.

With so many concerns about climate and how we are effecting our planet’s atmosphere, it seems only appropriate to think about how we not only use our resources to make our lives easier, we can also look inward to see how we are improving our own well being. Spring, like a New Year can give us a second chance to improve and become more aware of who we are and the world around us.

Dictionaries describe the word “Spring” as a verb, to rise, to move to be released from a constrained position… to come into being.  I like these descriptions, for they provide a sense of renewal and opportunity to move forward and improve, to grow and to flourish.

So many of us rarely get out into nature, which we all know brings us back to ourselves when we see and experience the beauty Mother Nature can offer.  So let me suggest giving yourself a well deserved break from pressures and concerns of the day and experience the serenity of some of our HDSereneScapes® films to both enjoy the beauty of spring in nature as well as in ourselves.

One of my favorites films for spring is my “Big Sur Coast” film, either with the natural ambient sounds of the scenes, or with Steven Halpern’s music.

From Cambria in the south to the outskirts of Monterey, the Big Sur Coast of California is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking stretches of coastline in the world.  The sounds of the coastal waves, birds chirping and views of the amazing coastlines, California flowers and cypress trees is enough to bring on a true sense of renewal that comes with Spring.  Filmed with my Natural 3D Motion process that gives you the experience of ‘being there’ without the need for a 3D display or glasses.

Given Spring happens just once a year, the joy and feelings these films provide can be viewed and appreciated all year long, whether in your office or your home. So bring renewal into your life every day. As I like to say, whether on a wide screen video display or a mobil device, HDSereneScapes® films are intended to support a calming and peaceful state of mind in our ever present pursuit of happiness.

Looks and sounds like Spring to me.


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