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We all have our sanctuaries, you know, the places we go to settle ourselves and feel connected to a form of stability and safety. Some of us are religious and feel the need to go to a temple, synagogue, church or some other physical facility that provides us with a connection to a perceived higher power. Faith in many of these regards is a powerful thing and I fully understand the value this experience brings to so many.

I, like others, am able to dive into a place of calm and peaceful awareness through forms of meditative activity like exercise, Tai Chi, quiet meditation or Yoga.

Another place where I go to connect that does not require attending a form of structure, often filled with rules, dogma and discipline is outside, in to nature.

I’m in awe and am always struck by the wonder and beauty of the natural world around us. Getting outside, whether on a beach, climbing a mountain, by foot, bike or other means, I’m always struck by the power and often the sublime experience of nature.

Through my print photography. I’ve shared what I feel when I find what I perceive as a wondrous place. I’ve wanted to show these places through the feelings they provide me, that being a sense of wonder and beauty. When that feeling strikes me, when that locations power connects me to the expansiveness of the world we are so fortunate to live in, I want to show it to others the way I see it. Being a skilled photographer for over 30 years, I possess the tools to capture those feeling and communicate them with my artistic visuals. Now, with HDSereneScapes films, I’m able to take these feelings to another level in the hopes I can help people connect to this wonder I find in Nature.

There are so many people who, for so many reasons, don’t get a chance to appreciate the world outside their busy or confined lives. Maybe because of a crazed lifestyle, health reasons or an inability to travel. HDSereneScapes® films are intended to assist in that connection to a world we are now rapidly changing with our hectic lives.

Additionally, our consumption of extractible resources and the burning of carbon fossil fuels are changing the climate of our planet, and although our planet itself will survive, living species, including man, will be dramatically affected by continued Climate Change caused by man made Global Warming. HDSereneScapes films are just my small way of saying to people, don’t just care about yourself as you would when you go to your place of prayer or forgiveness. Expand your awareness to the world around you, become selfishly altruistic. Our current actions in our personal life, in businesses and as nations are erroding the thin layer of stability our planet atmosphere provides for us to survive. We can no longer fail to recognize what we are doing and act in a positive way.

In my travels, I’ve seen the impact we have on the land, on our natural resources and the beauty we are damaging everyday with our constant march to pollute our world and our atmosphere. Trees are dying, rivers and lakes are drying up, coral reefs are deteriorating and our world is slowly heating up. Soon this will effect our ability as a species to survive as we have for thousands of years, and many scientists believe we may soon pass the tipping point of no return.

I’m not one inclined to spread fear, and I’m not comfortable making a point that brings the reality of our survival forward based on that fear. I’m more interested in helping people discover this wondrous world around us, and perhaps in that process they will grasp this connection on their own. And if though my films people become aware, and concerned enough to act for both themselves and future generations, that would be a good thing.

In the meantime, I will continue to venture out to my place of connection, and bring it home for others to enjoy, and perhaps connect to as well.



note: updated from a perviously posted blog in December 2011

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