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If your winter has been in sunny Hawaii, you may wish to experience the beauty of a winters day, snow and all.

If you live in a fridged winter wonderland, you may wish you could be in the warmth of the stunning Hawaiian island of Kaua’i.

For less than half the price of a movie ticket you can stream hours of my HDSereneScapes® films that let you do just that, jump to a world of calm and beauty in a quick and inexpensive way, taking a respite from your daily routine, any time you want.

I really enjoyed making both films using my Natural 3D Motion proces, and know you will appreciate the way in which the films can allow you to experience the serenity of both environments, depending upon your need, even without a 3D TV and those annoying 3D glasses.

For those of you living with snowdrifts and cold, shooting my “Beautiful Kaua’i” film was a joy. Well why not, making multiple trips to Kaua’i over a year and a half was a tough job, but somebody had to do it, right? I’m just glad it was me, and now I can share that experience of this amazing Hawaiian island with you. You can gain the peace and calming effects of this paradise, even in the chilling cold of winter.

If you live where the days are warm and rarely see snow, please enjoy “Winter Snow” which was filmed in the mountains of Utah and Colorado where I dealt with the cold while you can stay warm and cozy. The magic of shooting in the snow was amazing, the way the light was either muted as snow fell, or glistened when the sunlight broke through on to the sparkling snow after it settled. The quite and peacefulness of the surroundings was so powerful to me, I hope you will experience some of those moments as well.

So while I shot in the cold mountains with layers of clothing and gloves, and in the warmth of Kaua’i in shorts and T-shits, you can sit back however you are attired and enjoy these amazing places whenever you like, over and over again as I do. It’s just like being there, almost… But it sure costs less than traveling… Enjoy.

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