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According to a new study of the National Academy of Sciences here in the USA, more than 50% of us now live in urban areas and although there are many advantages to living in city environments there are also increased levels of stress and mental illness. Not sure why this is so, the study conducted controlled experiments to see whether being in Nature would perhaps influence rumination—that being the continued focus on negative aspects of one’s self. Constant focus on the negative in our lives are a known risk factor for mental illness.

I bring this up as it’s summer time, and many of us get to take time off and go on vacation, and if we’re so fortunate, even enjoy going to pleasant and beautiful places away from our urban lifestyles, and experience walks in nature that shift our mindsets away from our sometimes daily grind of negative thoughts.

Yet what if you can’t get away? What if you don’t have the time or physical ability to take a break and get out of your surroundings? Physically disabled, illness, over invested work schedule… we all have reasons, some good, some beyond our control. But one thing the study points out, if we don’t take the time to experience the beauty of nature on a regular basis, we dig ourselves into deeper negative perspectives on life.

HDSereneScapes® films may not physically allow you to take a walk in Nature, but they do bring the beauty of Nature to you in a way that does allow you to feel like you are there. We think this is because our minds view the films and experience such depth in the scenes that the neural activity of our brains begin to become distracted from our negative thoughts simply by the process of watching the films. The film’s serene slowly moving landscapes, the sounds, the sense of place you experience, comes from my patent pending Natural 3D Motion technique. One quickly notices a settling, calming, peaceful state of mind that improves well-being whenever you want to enjoy the experience.

As a result, hundreds of hospitals around the country show HDSereneScapes® films to patients and anxious loved ones alike to assist in lowering the stress that can come with hospital visits.

So the next time, ANYTIME you feel like you need a vacation in nature and can’t get out the door, take a trip up the Big Sur Coast or into the Redwoods of California. Want to visit a stunningly beautiful garden isle, check out Beautiful Kaua’i. Feel like blissing out by virtually strolling through the serenity of the gorgeous Portland Japanese Garden? Silly questions I’m sure.

So take that vacation in nature anytime you want. Subscribe for a 7 day free trial at and enjoy all our films whenever and wherever you want on your computer, mobile device or throw the films to your AppleTV or other set top device.

Your body, and mind will thank you… over and over again.

Enjoy your summer.


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