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“The mind in its natural state can be compared to the sky, covered by layers of cloud which hide its true nature.” ~Kalu Rinpoche

We all see clear blue skies, or days with wistful light clouds, and then there are days of either billowy, or heavy clouds and rain blocking our view of the sky. Metaphorically, the sky is open and expansive, we know there are stars reaching out into the Universe we can not even imagine how far and deep they go. Even when astronomers try to explain it to us, it is often beyond our grasp of understanding.

So too, is our mind and our true nature, clouded by our fears, daily thoughts and concerns, blocking our views of our true selves, our true nature, who we are, where we come from.

My sense is, every day, as we live our lives, we are constantly distracted by our mind’s effort to block our view and connection to who we really are.

To clear the cloudiness from our minds we have many tools at our disposal. We can meditate, learn to relax, let go of that voice in the back of our minds that constantly chatter at us, distracting us from ourselves. We can exercise, and we can reach out beyond ourselves and help others in need, something that surprisingly shuts off the mind’s incessant verbiage as we become aware of others and the would outside our own feeble thoughts and comfort zone.

I feel my films help people do the same, just as a walk in a beautiful natural and peaceful environment can do.

Clearing the clouds away, even for just a few moments or hours can open our hearts and expand our awareness to the vastness and beauty of our world, improve our concerns for its, and thus our, well being.

When we look beyond the clouds, we see our vast opportunities of awareness and thus gain a glimpse of our true nature. A true nature that is a kind, loving, caring and willing participant not only in our own lives, but the lives and well being of other living creatures on the planet.

Look beyond the cloud cover, in essence, see through the vapor in the same way you can see beyond the babble of the mind.

It’s a very good thing to do on a regular basis.

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