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Since I began thinking about creating my HDSereneScapes® films a number of years ago, I was always looking for the places I wanted to go to shoot new films.

When I created my first film, “Santa Ynez Valley,” I chose it as a proof of concept location that I could easily get to from my home in Southern California. I was just wetting my appetite, scratching the surface of what would become a short list of places to film over the next few years. Those places would be within driving distance for weekly trips as I may have to go back for different seasons to capture the full experience of those locations.

To date, I’ve shot eight films, either all on the West Coast of the US, or the Island of Kaua’i which we visit each year and I know well.

My goal is to do much more. The key to each location is that it has to have multiple locations worthy of capturing serene visuals as I require a minimum of 60 scenes to create a 30 minute film. The more a location has to offer, the longer the film can be.

Additionally, the location must provide as little impact from man as well as an opportunity to, in some way, tell a story. Whether from morning to night, through a season, or a walk through experience of a location’s peaceful beauty.

Here is a short “Bucket List” of some 25 places I would love to film in the coming years. They are in no particular order and by no means a final list.

  • Fall colors in Vermont & Maine
  • Yosemite National Park though out the seasons
  • Yellowstone National Park in winter and spring
  • Hardcastle Crags is a wooded Pennine valley in West Yorkshire, England, owned by the National Trust. Historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, it lies approximately 2 miles north of the town of Hebden Bridge
  • Antelope Canyon Arizona
  • Sonoma County Wine Country
  • The New Mexico Southwest, the Abiquiu area, George O’Keeffe favorite place
  • Hyways’ 84 thru 64 as well as Chaco Canyon and National Historic Park
  • Caddo Lake Texas, Louisiana boarder
  • Huangshan, China an amazing Mountain Range
  • Japan’s Zen Monastery Gardens and environs in colorful fall & spring as well as Tokyo & Kyoto area gardens
  • French Countryside
  • Italy’s Tuscany Countryside
  • The Waterfall Island at Iguazu Falls – Argentina
  • The Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve – Texas
  • Keukenhof Gardens for the flowers – Netherlands
  • Iceland’s waterfalls, glaciers and vast volcanic beauty
  • Rolling hills and farmland of the American and Canadian heartland
  • Machu Picchu Peru
  • Great Wall of China
  • New Zealand
  • Tahiti, Bora Bora & the Fujian islands
  • Scotland
  • Antarctica
  • Patagonia Chile
  • Bridges Park & Ireland

Yeah, that’s a good start.

Should anyone wish to fund my filming of any of these locations for their own needs, they would surely climb up the list on the production schedule. If you are interested, do let me know by clicking here.

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