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You have kids, they have been in school most of the year, and when they haven’t, they have likely been in their rooms playing video games or texting with their friends, sending Snapchat selfies or on rare occasions, playing a sport in a constrained environment.

What are they missing? Nature. Simply put, nature is life, it is where we all come from and yet we have managed to allow ourselves and our kids to become disconnected from the most powerful and beautiful aspect of our home one could imagine.

The cost in failing to connect with nature is significant in many ways.

Nature helps us connect with who we are.

Nature allows us to experience beauty at no or little cost.

Nature is where our food and water come from that allow us to survive as a species.

Nature most importantly reminds us how fragile our world would be if it were gone.

Our future on this planet is dependent on not only our children’s awareness of nature, but we ourselves need to be reminded regularly of our disconnect from nature if we are to save ourselves from so many things we are doing to the planet that are stressing our environment.

Finding nature can be as simple as a walk in a city park, but notice how small the park is getting with the city growing all around it. This population explosion by man is draining resources in significant ways. Air, noise and water pollution, are overwhelming our senses to the point that peace and quiet are becoming alien experiences.

This disconnect is allowing us to avoid our responsibility to ourselves, our kids and the survival of life on earth.

Summer is here, so pull the plug, disconnect the kids from the devices, get to know each other face to face, out there, in Nature.

You will experience life and love no electronic device can offer.

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