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First, there are no rules to taking good photos.

But there are some hints I can share that I sometimes use that help create images I like when I am out in nature during the summer.

First, consider using a tripod. Why? Shaper images.

Second, two words… Magic Hour.

The most beautiful light in nature is often warm and soft, casting low shadows across the landscape creating an ethereal mood in a photo especially when the scene is framed to tell a story of of depth and appreciation.

Magic Hour is essentially just before and just after sunrise or sunset… Give or take 15 minutes to an hour before or after the sun raises or sets is when the light is the most crisp, clear or warm. When the sun is getting ready to set don’t just shoot the sunset, look at what the light is landing on too, the color of the sky and landscapes can be amazing when the camera sees it. So click away.

Also, do not hesitate to shoot closeup detail shots of everything from flowers et al… When shooting with telephoto lenses.

Shoot landscapes with wider angle lenes, and do your best to include objects in the foreground to creat a sense of depth.

Late light, overcast and open sky’s without direct light can also help create beautiful images of people and kids when shot with longer lenses and shot depth of field where the subject is sharp and the surrounding are soft focus.

Nature is an amazing place to create beautiful images, and the wonderful think about nature, it is constantly changing, so go back sometimes to your favorite places and see how it is different depending on the time of year or the changes in foliage.

So grab your camera and get out there, experiment, take lots of images and see what happens.

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