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“At the Summer Solstice, all is green and growing, potential coming into being, the miracle of manifestation painted large on the canvas of awareness.” — Gary Zukav

OK… So, two years ago… in my Summer Solstice blog post, I made the following statement….

“… If you are looking for an excuse to start a rebirth of your life, the Summer Solstice is as good a time as any. So turn your face to the sun (as the earth does) respect that this tiny blue ball that we live on, this small, fragile island in a sea of space, time and stars, in a vast universe of wonder and beauty, is all we have. So make the most of it in a positive way and let us all work to maintain life in harmony and peace.”

Wow… I made some pretty cool comments in some of my blog posts… if I do say so myself.

Yet I think what Zukav is saying goes well beyond my comment in a much more concise way. You essentially already have a head start this time of year, momentum is building as Spring turns to Summer, you can dream as big as you like and expand your awareness of what you, and our world are capable of, just by imagining it.

So here is my canvas, and I’m going to paint a broad but specific vision on it.

First off, it goes from right to left just to go against the grain of our western cultural mind set. We read left to right, unlike some other languages. Add to that, many of our nations right wing citizens hatred and willful ignorance or apathy have brought in the overwhelming stupidity of our current right wing government. A government bought and paid for by old industries and dying fearful cultures of racism and greed. Having swung too far to the right, I’m going to paint a canvas of a positive world worth imagining. Not one that those on the right think gave them power over others, a power that in fact, never existed for the well being of all, but only for a few.

Here goes…

I imagine a world where all cultures accept and support love and compassion above greed, fear, ignorance and hatred. Yeah, that’s a good start. The darkness of that repressive slavery of the right, being overcome by the brightness of compassion and hope of a loving world.

Moving more to the left, out of this brightness of color comes the washing of green and blue, of plant growth and a healthy atmosphere that supports and sustains life. Not one that is warming to wipe out life as we know it. Then we see the sun and the stars as they cycle through the days where plants and animals grow, evolve and find their natural balance only taking what they need and no more.

Man arrives, in the cosmic dust of time far later, yet man screws up, threatens existence on our tiny blue ball in our massive universe, and those limited by their ignorance and fears are shown their blindness is unfounded but based on myths that never even happened. We who chose to see a positive future for life in its many cycles, show them an even more exciting view of where we can go and how we can live. Looking forward to a positive and bright future and not back into the darkness of fear.

I imagine a world where we invest in ourselves and not war. Where we look to fix problems rather than deny they exist. Where science and human kindness work hand in hand to improve the lives of everyone and not just those of wealth or a specific skin color or heritage.

I always appreciated Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek TV and move series concept, in that mankind learned and grew to move past our survival needs, accepted all of humanity as one, moved to explore together the world beyond us, only after life on earth, our only home, was truly safe and stable for all.

No more wars against ourselves and our planet, no more poverty and starvation. A world built on a willingness to expand our knowledge through science and awareness. A world where our population didn’t exceed the resources we so desperately need to survive. Yeah, that would be better than where we are now.

It is time to manifest this positive reality. It will require hard work, redirected resources from the old extraction model of greed, to the reinvestment and recirculation of our wealth and resources in a sustainable manner to enhance all our lives…to move to the Star Trek vision of egalitarian success for all mankind. Then we too can look to the stars and dream beyond our little blue planet.

Now, imagine what you could do to invest your awareness into that kind of future. Imagine your mind no longer doubts it is possible to let go of hatred and fear. Imagine your world is better because everyone’s lives are better for your actions and dreams.

Summer is here, so do it. Paint a canvas of positive awareness that the world can be better. Then paint again and again, for that is the only way to remove the darkness on the right and progress into a brighter future.

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