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“Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is.” — Thomas Szasz

It took me quite a while to understand the difference between just being bored and being at peace with myself and my circumstances.

Twiddling my thumbs (so to speak) wondering if I should be doing something more, you know… making progress in my life, being impatient about things, being alone while there is nothing further I could do at that time. Or… finishing everything I needed or could do and thus finding myself wondering what to do next. Yup, all that goes on while you are bored too, just the feeling you should be doing something, productive or not. Listen to music, watch TV, endless hours at the computer; playing games, checking emails, reading… all to distract ones self from being… BORED! In other words, ALONE.

We fear boredom for a number of reasons, the simplest reasons are that we love to be entertained and distracted. Entertained is understandable, but why by outside sources all the time? Distracted? From what, ourselves? Yes.

My sense is that stopping the drive to be distracted and entertained all the time when we are not working or socializing is really an opportunity to be educated and made aware of a very powerful center of our lives. Ourselves.

This is where Serenity comes in. What if you were able to connect, peacefully with yourself, appreciate the peace and quiet of a calm mind that allows you to float above your issues and distractions, let them go and connect with your sense of a true, peaceful self?

What’s that like? Imagine being on a boat in calm blue water, just off the coast of a beautiful island, while light trade wind breezes and clear blue skies glisten above. Now, just relax and let all your other problems and needs drift away and over the horizon. There! You just had a glimpse of Serenity.

There is no need or wants when you are serene and calm. There is only the moment, the now.

Now realize you were only in the boat on the ocean in your mind, yet you, for a brief moment, connected with yourself at peace. Ahhhh.

The trick here is allowing yourself to be in your being without your mind bringing back your fears or need for entertainment or distraction.

In reality, being bored is being disconnected from the moment as well as yourself. Once you appreciate who you are and where you are, you realize everything, even serenity, is anything but a waste of time.

Boredom is failing to notice things you take for granted or overlooked. Serenity is being open to everything… and nothing.

Yeah, I know it sounds strange, but give it a try. Next time you are disconnected…. create a scene like I did above for yourself. Leave your monkey mind and explore your world around you.

Meditate, dive into yourself. Let go, just be.

Serenity, it is a trip!

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