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We are all searching for a better quality of life, we strive and work hard for long term goals and dreams to reach a state of peaceful happiness. It is rare for people to attain these lofty goals, and in the process we often work against our own best self interests, creating “dis-ease” and stress in our lives.

Surprisingly, the joy and journey in life to such ends are not the destination, but the path. Along that path, we can experience moments of peaceful well being and balance, but it’s not always easy. Taking time to enjoy the beauty of nature is one way our ambient soundtrack films are intended to assist in finding those moments.

We are so pleased that many of our HDSereneScapes® films provide the music of renowned composer, recording artist and researcher Steven Halpern. Steven is the founding father of modern sound healing intended to relax the body, quiet the mind and soothe the soul. Steven has produced over 70 recordings in the Inner Peace Music® and SoundWave 2000™ subliminal audio series. He has influenced two generations of recording artists and music therapists and has performed and recorded with a Who’s Who of well-known musicians.

Steven’s music resonates and activates the brain, releasing endorphins, reducing stress and deepening meditations. In the same way we feel my  “Natural 3D Motion” process works in my HDSereneScapes® films, in activating the brain to lower blood pressure and heart rate, the mixture of these artistic effects; visual depth, ambient sounds of nature and healing music, become a wonder to experience.

When I first began my relationship with Steven, it was surprising how easily his music melded into my films’ sequences. With Steven’s long history of acclaim and Grammy-nominated works, this confirmed the value of my visuals to elegantly match his healing sounds.

I was first introduced to Steven’s music by my client Amy Gordon-Fisher at her company MedCalm which places our films with his music into hundreds of hospitals around the nation. I hope the combination of both our films and Steven’s music bring an additional positive and valuable improvement to one’s health and well-being, no matter where they may be seen and heard.

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