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“Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

So you are a big fan of a particular sports team, you worry they won’t win a championship this year like they did way back when… again… do you remember when that was? Do you remember who won two years ago?

It just doesn’t matter. Yet here you are. Worrying.

You worried about the loss of a loved one, or your own health, so much so it actually made you show symptoms of illness yourself, your immune system degrades and you get sick too. You waste your time worrying about so many things in life that you fail to look where you want to go and only see the pain you perceive around you.

When you worry and complain about issues in life that you fear, you build up a wall around yourself that limits your ability to find your way out of the bag of fear you have thrown over your life, because you perceive and pretend it is all so significant. This is our mind working at 100% to distract us from being our better more peaceful selves.

It just doesn’t matter, because here you are in the midst of putting limits on where you can go, and how you can bring positive energy to your life and compassion for others.

Think about the last time you really worried about something, losing a job, paying bills, caring for a loved one.

Now think about where you are now… all that is now in the past and you don’t seem to be focused on it anymore… it’s gone because you managed to get through it, yet you wasted so much time worrying about your problems it likely took longer to move on than if you had just said, I’m going to…

Experience the problem.

Find how I can have compassion and empathy for myself and look for the positive solutions.

Visualize where you want to go from here.

Find those who can support your concerns by letting you talk them out and then move on.

Then… let it go, move on.

The amount of time people spend thinking their fears are well founded only really face true pain when they worry constantly rather than begin to look for solutions and face their fears. Accept their fears, and let them go.

Oh, don’t worry, they will be back, but the trick is to find ways to let those worries go faster and faster each time they resurface.

In the famous words of Buckaroo Bonzai, “No matter where you go… there you are.”

When you come from worry, you are pretending your life has significance in victimhood, that you are a victim and that everything around you, beyond your fears, no longer exists. You close your life off from others who love and care for you and your body begins to crumble under the pressure you bring upon yourself.

Recognizing worry is the moment you wake up from your self induced isolation and begin to expand your awareness of the world around you, and your options for moving forward. Until you see worry for what it is, a huge waste of time, you will remain stuck in your own prison of fear.

Yes, one day it will all end, but until that time comes, life is worth living, exploring and appreciating, no matter the circumstances you find yourself in, so don’t waste your time to much dwelling on your fears.

Let go, look to where you want to go, and head there with Patience, Empathy, Awareness, Compassion and Enlightenment. In other words, be willing to let go, be at PEACE and love life, even when it doesn’t seem to be loving you.

After all, in the totality of time and space, we are just specks and our worries are only temporary.

Finally, as Erma Bombeck so notably stated, “Worry is like a rocking chair, it keeps you busy but it never gets you anywhere.”


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