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So there is a good deal of discussion all over whether changing our clocks twice a year is a good idea or not. After all, about one third of the planet has been doing it in since it was proposed by New Zealander George Hudson in 1895. The rest, well, let’s just say they either bought in and dropped it, or never got on board.

Some say it has financial benefits because it helps businesses stay open longer and outdoor sporting events as well. Others disagree and say it doesn’t work for farming and other city-based evening entertainment activities. Some claim it helps reduce energy usage, other say there is no proof.

To me, I’ve always viewed it as an opportunity to be active outdoors later in the day and often find the change, especially living in seasonless Southern California, where the sudden shift of Daylight Savings Time creates a break from the usual routine of life. For example, in Fall, driving or walking the streets at dusk we see shops are still open but now with lights on with streets and store activity like that when it is getting dark out around 4:30pm. It’s just different and that doesn’t seem all that bad.

I’m a cyclist who likes to ride in the mornings too, so having the extra daylight at that time in fall and winter is a safer thing. But then, I’ve been a city boy all my life and its a part of my cycle of life (pun intended…;-)

Now with DST coming on March 13th this year, we gain more evening daylight and the shift adds to my day in different ways. The days seem to stretch out with longer periods of brightness and that means more time available to be outdoors for all sorts of good things to do.

Whether going for a hike after work, enjoying a sunset I couldn’t get a chance to see during work hours in the office, or just kicking back and being outside in daylight is a nice way to recharge from a long day during spring and summer months.

So we fell back in the Fall for DST, now its time to put some spring our our steps and jump forward one hour to get more day time out of life.

Here comes the sun…

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