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You can now gift a subscription for $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year with a 7 day free trial to anyone you wish. What a gift of serenity, if I do say so myself. Ambient sounds of nature, music and sublime scenery. It doesn’t get much better than that.

In our hectic lives, filled with pressures, concerns, fears and frustrations, it is often difficult to find a simple and easy way to pull ourselves away from our minds focus on our daily circumstances. To find ways to relax and restore our energy.

Now my days start with calming music, ambient sounds of nature and beautiful scenes from my films playing on my mobile device next to our bed. Ahh… a nice way to start the day, to relax, and wake up. It is just so pleasant to start my day off right, it sets the tone in a manner that allows me to deal with and focus more on what the day brings in a more calm and centered way.

It was so cool to give that gift of Serenity to myself, I want to share it with everyone.

Now, I even have my films playing on my iPad next to my desk right within my mobile browser. Sometimes, on my AppleTV, I run one of the two playlists I set up of my films too. One with natural sounds from the scenes you are viewing, one with the additional music of Steven Halpern. More than six hours worth of looping films, scenes of the amazing locations I’ve had the pleasure of filming.

There is nothing more gratifying than gifting something to people who will get value from that gift for years to come. It really makes me feel good that I can create and share these films with you, and I hope you share these same gifts with your friends as well.

Spread the word on HDSereneScapes® films, share the Gift of Serenity.

Oh, and hint, hint…. Happy Valentines Day.

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